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We, at Tierra Hosting, are no different than our customers - we too want the service or product that we buy to work right, so that we won't have to spend additional time so as to make it work right. That is the reason why we decided to start our own web hosting company - so that we could provide the service that we ourselves want to use.

A point & click web hosting Control Panel

With your cloud hosting plan, you will get hold of our in-house created hosting control panel, which will make administering your online presence a breeze. With one mouse click, you will be able to upload a file, to register a domain name or to create a new email box. It's just that easy! You will also be provided with access to comprehensive real-time traffic statistics.

Custom DNS Records

Via the web hosting Control Panel, you can modify all DNS resource records associated with your domains, including their A records, AAAA records, MX records, CNAME records, TXT records and SRV records. On top of that, you can easily change the nameservers for a domain and even register custom nameservers (for example, ns1.your-domain.com).

Advanced tools

In the web hosting CP you will discover the Memcached distributed memory object caching system and the Varnish Cache web accelerator, which will increase the loading speed of your site. NodeJS and InnoDB support is offered as well.


We offer a great array of web hosting solutions, from cloud hosting packages and cPanel hosting packages to VPSs and dedicated web hosting servers. You can kick off with a small-sized web hosting package and then migrate to a more advanced hosting solution like a virtual server or a dedicated hosting server.

An instant site installer

With your plan, you will get hold of a web site installation tool, which will help you publish your site to the Internet with three clicks. Just choose your web template and the kind of website that you wish to install (a weblog, an online shopping portal, an online photo album, etc.) and then press the 'Install' button. It's that easy! No coding or web design knowledge is needed to use this tool.

Unmetered resources

All our cloud hosting plans include unlimited disk drive space and web traffic, so you can work on your websites and never worry about surpassing resource limits. Besides, we permit you to park an unlimited number of domains and to set up unlimited subdomains and File Transfer Protocol accounts.

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NOTE: If you need technical help, please open a ticket through the Control Panel. This will help us control the quality of our customer support and of our services in general.

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To check the status of your service, if you think there is a problem, please go to: Service Status Page