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Explanation of Reseller Hosting

Hosting is the solution you require so as to render your website visible online for the whole world to see. There are numerous people who want to launch their very own site, which is an explanation why the web hosting industry is flourishing and vibrating with life.

Sell hosting services, take a part of the pie yourself!

Why don't you become a hosting distributor then? 'What about all the nuisance of renting web hosting servers, charging customers, employing staff and going around data center facilities to determine which one is the most suitable?', you might query. No, no, that is not how it works anymore! You can be a reseller! That's right - you can resell the hosting services offered by another web hosting company, on behalf of your very own personal brand name. This practice is not new and has been increasing in popularity as a way to make a decent profit on the side. It can be a major source of income for you as well, but that entirely depends on how serious you are about investing time in tempting customers. Yes, enticing clients - that is your essential assignment as a web hosting reseller, even though, depending on the reseller web hosting solutions provider you are using, you might have to also create your website and charge and support your clients yourself.

The most effortless way to become a web hosting reseller

There is an opportunity to escape all that. Simply order a dedicated server, semi-dedicated or virtual private servers (VPSs). With your Virtual Private Server web hosting package and dedicated server package, we offer 3 hosting Control Panels and a free-of-charge billing software platform - ClientExec. We will install it for you the moment you ask for it, because it cannot be instantaneously installed without some supplementary details required from you.


The greatest thing about these server packages is that there are no restrictions as to how much you can sell. There are no hosting server hard drive storage space or monthly bandwidth limitations, there are no limits on the amount of clients you can obtain. You are like a doorway through which clients flood an endlessly vast chophouse and start ordering whatever dish they desire - the battalion in the kitchen will provide everything that's on the menu for each and every customer that stops by.